German Shepherd / Newfoundland Mix

by Kevin McCullough
(Homer City, PA)

This is Bear a 3 month old German shepherd / Newfoundland puppy. His mom-ma is a pure bred German shepherd and the daddy is a pure bred Newfoundland.

He was born Nov. 11, 2011 he weighs 36 pounds. He is all black and very soft. He is easy to train. He is loyal he won't eat or go to the bathroom with out me.

We have a 6 year old male tri color and this puppy has some of his mannerism. I got him thinking he may have some Newfoundland traits but I don't see anything except maybe the loyalty.

Total German Shepherd:

What a cutie pie. This is the first time I've seen a Newfie / German Shepherd Mix so I'll assume this fellas is going to be a big fluffy monster (in a good way) when he's full grown.

And if he's like most GSDs I've had he'll like the water - and now with the Newfie in him too - well, I hope you have access to some kiddie pools in your yard or a nearby lake or pool because I bet this guy will take to water - well, like a Newfie!

Good luck with your puppy and please send us some update pictures down the road - I'd love to see what he looks like as he matures.

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Dec 11, 2015
Do Newfoundland /German shepherds drool a lot?
by: Anonymous

My husband and I are considering getting a Newfie. I love everything I have read about them but I do have one concern? Is it true that they drool a lot? Let me know!
Thanks for your help guys!

Oct 14, 2015
Where can I find another
by: Anonymous

Where can I get another ShepNewf mix pup? Mine is 11 And I love to find another to raise.

Apr 06, 2015
awesome pup
by: Anonymous

My family adopted a newfie/shepherd mix. He's the most friendly, most loving and most loyal beast I've ever met, and I've raised a few good dogs in my day. We didn't plan to get such a big boy, but his "gentle-giant" persona, makes up for his massive girth.

Jan 03, 2015
I've a german shepherd cross newfi
by: Maria

I've have a newfi/german shepherd called bear he's 5 months old an a big ball of fluff he's brill wiv the kids an otha dogs Luvs water a playin ball Bears is roughly 64lb in weight

Jan 03, 2014
So cute!
by: Luckt\ydog

Bear is sooo adorable! I have a full-grown Newfie-GSD mix, and he is BIG. He's a Newshe, as we call him. :)

Jul 04, 2012
german shepherd/Newfoundland
by: Anonymous

I have a German shepherd/Newfoundland he is now 7 yrs old, I rescued him when he was 3yrs, he is the most wonderful, beautiful boy,

his story is heartbreaking, he was left in a shed with another dog and 9 cats,in below zero weather, his barking saved all they're lives,

He is part of our family now and I will cherish him as long as he is here with me, I want anyone who has any doubt about the mix to know my shepherd,Newfy mix is the light of my life!!!


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