German Shepherd puppy feeding problem

by andrew

please help me i have a 6 and a half month old gsd and one minute she does eat next she doesnt we started on beta puppy dry food but she went off that.

while i was away my partner got worried and gave her some butchers meat out of a tin then it started going down hill from there she some times eats her tea time meal but most off the time leaves her breakfast meal

i feed her twice a day 2 cups off dry food about 200 g and one tin off meat per meal. she is currently on advanced nutriction dry food from pets at home. i would be very gratful for any hints or advise on what to do next. thanks.

some people say dry compleat only and stick it out
some people say wet it that dint work
nor did gravy

she does eat tinned food more than anything
some say tins only but is that not bad for the dog she was 22 kg at 5 month and i think she has put on a bit i have resorted to our leftovers

i know this is wrong but i was worried the other day she dint eat her tea 400g dog meat and 200g pets at home compleat food so i put the rest off my spagetty ballanase in with it and mixed it in and she did it all same 3 days before that with my lads pasta

i dont mix our food often but when i do she eats the lot just now i got another bowl out and put a tin off butchers tripe in it on its own and she ate half off it please help i dont know what to do i have tried all sorts

thanks andy . please note she is damp in the pic

Total German Shepherd:

She is absolutely gorgeous. And really smart too - because she's training you to feed her anything but her own food! And this isn't good.

A growing puppy needs to eat her own puppy food - now an occasional cookie or treat or something small is one thing - but a small meal of scraps mixed in with the food is something else altogether.

I wouldn't advise you feed her the scraps (ask your vet about this too) - even if she isn't eating her own food. She will eat her own food when she gets hungry enough - if she's not full of other stuff in the meantime.

Think of it this way, if you ate _______ everyday wouldn't you turn it down for a tasty _____ every once in awhile? How about having those new foods all the time and none of your old mainstay ________? (Fill in the blanks with your favorite food choice)

Shes doing just that. Plus, chances are much higher too that she'll have loads of stomach/poop issues, not to mention the whole issue of picky food eating the rest of her life. Simply because she's eating foods that she shouldn't be eating.

Still, I encourage you - she will eat her own food when she gets hungry enough - if she doesn't get other odd food choices in the meantime. This may sound cruel but back off on the other stuff and only feed her the dog food - by itself.

She may go without in protest - a few hours - maybe even a day or so - but she'll be all right. Ask your vet if you need more information but wild canids often go without food for days at a time. And your puppy will be fine if she misses a meal or two (assuming she's not sick).

As long as you feed her the way you are now you are doing nothing but spoiling her - and creating a picky eater too. But it's your choice. Good luck.

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Apr 10, 2011
No Picky Eaters Here
by: Anonymous

I never had that problem with my girls both are little piggies, as soon I put food in their bowl, they eat it even it was before their feeding time. I feed Mia my German Shepherd Pro Plan as well as I did with my beloved black lab, Ebony. I am a Purina person and believe in their products, feed her Pro Plan. I'm sure you will see a difference.

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