German Shepherd Puppy gets bitten by insect

by Nicola
(Sydney )

Baby Brody

Baby Brody

Read all about it: German Shepherd Puppy gets bitten by insect

Our 10 weeks old German Shepherd "Brody" loves chasing ants and eating them - this is her latest fad. Of course everything she sees she needs to try out with her mouth. I have been told this is called "mouthing".

We woke up one morning to find half her face was swollen and she was in a lot of pain. Within a few hours the swelling had extended to the other side of her face.

Off to the vet and after a couple of injections, we were asked to leave her there for the day as her heart beat became irregular and her breathing was fast.

I picked her up that afternoon and was handed a very sedated puppy who was still swollen slightly and feeling sorry for herself.

Within 24 hours she had recovered and is back to her normal energitic self.

Anyone would think this would teach her a lesson not to chase insects??? NOOOOO she thinks this is a great game.


Total German Shepherd:

Hey there, Nicola. It is good to hear from you way over in Sydney. Thanks so much for taking the time to come by here and share your German Shepherd puppies harrowing story with us all today.

And I absolutely Love the picture of Brody that you have sent in - she looks so very comfortable and a little inquisitive just hanging out as you take the picture of her! Great shot!

I had a GSD puppy, my lovely little coated girl Rose, get bitten by a spider of some sort, never found out exactly what kind, a few years back, and one whole side of her little snoot swelled up so big - it was pitiful. So if you looked at her profile from the one side she looked like a German Shepherd puppy but if you looked at her profile from the other side she looked like a Bull Terrier.

It was kind of sad and kind of pitiful all at the same time but thankfully she never seemed to be in any kind of pain and once we got the meds in her and the swelling went down she was fine - thank goodness!

Thanks for visiting us here at Total German Shepherd.

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Dec 09, 2011
11 months one
by: Nicola

Baby Brody is no longer a baby. She is now 11 months old and is still absolutely beautiful. Such a loving playful girl. People are often saying how she doesn't stop playing until it's time to go to bed. She has so much fun. She loves her walks and chasing birds out of her back yard.

May 18, 2011
Update on Brody
by: Nicola

Brody is now 4.5months and is the joy of our lives. Very beautiful and excitable.
We love her like she is our child.
She has such a excited personality and is into everything. Like all GSDs loves lots of attention and playing except when she is trying to sleep.
Our bubby Brody also loves playing with other dogs and especially children.

Apr 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

My German shepherd that I had in the 80's ate a bumble bee. Swelled up, throat started closing up. Thank goodness I lived two blocks from my Vet. He gave him an injection of epinephrine and it saved Thor. After that, he ran as fast as possible away from any bee

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