German Shepherd puppy has "happy peeing"

by pat
(lincoln,nebr. USA)

my daughters GSD was able to house break very easily but continues to "happy pee" whenever he greats someone he likes.

he does this indoors and out and has recently started to do this in large volumes. he is 5 mo. old. how do we fix this?

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Feb 12, 2010
Happy? Peeing
by: Anonymous

I am not an expert on dog behavior, so my reponse to your dilemma is based on over 40 years of dog ownership experience.

It is my understanding that when a dog urinates upon greeting, it suggests an act of submissiveness. How are you greeting your dog? Is it an excitable experience for your puppy? Is there a lot of physical touch and high-pitched vocal reconnection?

You may want to project a calm energy when reconnecting with your puppy. I would not speak to nor touch my puppy for several minutes until the energy of the puppy has been refocused to reflect your calmness. Then, you may want to reintroduce a calming touch while the dog is still calm, without making eye contact or verbal connection.

Then, go about your business for a few minutes and repeat. If you need to leash your puppy to take outside, wait until the puppy is calm and keep your voice calm. Eventually, your puppy will get it and not feel the need to exhibit submissive behavior.

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