German Shepherd Rambo Enjoying His Varsity Ball - Video

by Ileana
(New York)

I've seen on this website the Varsity ball ads and I decided to buy one for Rambo. Here he is enjoying his new toy.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Ileana,

Rambo seems to be curious about the new weird orange thing. Give him time and I'll bet he really gets more into it. If he's anything like my German Shepherd Rodie, he'll be pushing it all over your yard in no time at all.

I can tell you this - watch out because if Rambo gets up any speed with the ball and turns it loose, it can easily dent cars and stuff if you don't stop it. So make sure you keep an eye on him while he's playing with the varsity ball as best as you can.

And I wouldn't let him play with the ball by himself if I were you, but that's just my advice. But I hope he enjoys it and with any luck you'll never have to buy another ball again!

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