German Shepherd testicles

My 7 month old GSD has only one testicle, is there a chance that there's another one hiding inside? will it eventually come out? are there any reported case same as mine?

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Dec 06, 2009
German Shepherd puppy testicles
by: Debbie

This does happen from time to time in dogs. As the young male puppy matures it is not uncommon for the testicles to "yoyo"up and down from time to time however the end result is that you want the pups testicles to be descended when the opening for them closes up because if the opposite happens you will have an undescended testicle.

This is also called - Cryptorchidism or Retained Testicle.

Due to the higher temperatures inside the body, these retained testicles can often have a higher rate of getting cancer too, so it is always better to get a dog with a Retained Testicle neutered because of the health risks involved for that individual animal plus if you were to let it breed it would possibly pass the condition down to other offspring which would not be a good thing either.

In most cases if both testicles aren't down by around 12 weeks or so of age then chances are much lower that they will descend naturally on their own. Speak to your vet about getting the puppy neutered as soon as you get the chance if both testicles don't drop on their own soon.

Here's a vet service online (real veterinarians!) that is very helpful too if you'd like to learn more about this condition. Just enter your question in the box below and they can give you much more medical details about what to do and they're very reasonably priced and very fast too.

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