German Shepherd that charges people or cats through my window.

German Shepherd that charges people or cats

My German Shepherd is the most amazing animal I've ever owned, but my husband may not let me keep him much longer. Haven is so smart, and learns at a crazy rate, but I can seem to break him from charging my windows when he sees something. Especailly my cat that stays outside.

He has torn up two sets for blinds, and yesterday he shattered the inside pane to my living room window. I know that he could learn to stop, but I don't know what to do.

He is very protective even when he doesn't need to be. In every other way Haven is awesome and everything a person could want in a family pet. I'm open to any help I can get.

Total German Shepherd:

This is an issue that won't be fixed over night but it can be fixed through dog training, lots of practice training sessions and patience. So that's the good news. And there are loads of places that you can do research for dog training - online, on TV in books, etc.

Bad news is that it probably won't be easy and that it will take time and training - and patience. So if you really want to keep the dog you'll need to change that behavior - it's not good for the dog and might be potentially an accident waiting to happen if he hurts himself or someone else while exhibiting this behavior.

So if I were you I would talk to some local dog trainers in your area about your problem and see if any would be willing to help train you and your dog to overcome this issue. Training is the only way to make this better. It will be the best decision that you ever made.

Good luck to you.

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