German Shepherd With Numerous Health problems

by steve millnick
(ashburn, VA USA)

Our beloved Max is 5 years old. Max is a perfectly loving German Shepherd but has lots of medical issues.

He is from Budapest and has a pedigree. My wife bought him for my Christmas present 5 years ago.

His medical issues include:

1. Has only done well on one type of food - salmon and vegitable based food. Anything else he has immediate diareah.

2. Has tremendous difficulty going poop, even on the laxative -colace.

3. has many skin irritation problems including dry itchy skin to black patches under his armpits.

4. has serious anal fistulas.

He has been under the care of many vets and has been treated with all different types of medicines and treatments - no help!

Is there a german shepherd expert in the northern virginia /loudoun county area that can help us?

I love Max and dont want him to die soon.

steve millnick

Total German Shepherd: I personally don't know of any German Shepherd specialists in your area - maybe some of my readers do. Poor Max, I'm sorry he's not feeling well. And it does sound as though his immune system is just shot.

Unfortunately regular medicine often doesn't cure health problems and they very seldom address underlying issues at all. I am a firm believer in non-traditional medicines and would suggest you check out a book written by a Naturopathic Scientist named Sara Rooney.

She is an research scientist with more degrees than you can imagine but very down to earth and she is an expert in many areas of animal health - and excellent in teaching the reasons for many underlying causes of your pets health problems and finding out how to reverse these problems. The name of her book is Heal Your Dog Naturally - And I would definitely suggest it to you - especially with all the problems your German Shepherd Max is having.

One other thing, I've interviewed Sara in the past - she's great - and she also does one-on-one consultations from time to time too in case you're interested. Good luck with Max.

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Jul 15, 2011
autoimune problems
by: shawn

My last Shepherd Xena had hot spots, itchy skin, parianal fistulas, puppy vaginitis, allergies, and panus in her eyes all before she was five. Daily eyedrops kept her eyesight until she died at 9. Great dog. But she really suffered from all those autoimune diseases. KEEP YOUR SHEPHERD OFF OF PREDNISONE FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE UNTIL THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION

May 31, 2011
I share your experience...
by: Vicki

I don't know of any specialist and am not from that area. However, I share you pain and dilema. I have a purebred four year old shepherd who has recently been diagnosed with perianal fissulas. He was very lethargic and would not eat, not to mention the pain and discomfort he was in. We too switched his food to the salmon and vegatable mix.

He is just finishing his several week round of steriods. This combined with a few weeks of antibiotics has cleared this up. We are hoping it will not reoccur quickly. I hope you are able to find assistance to make your dog's quality of life good for many years. I fear having to make a choice some day for our loyal friend, Drago, if his quality of life detriorates. Good luck and share any thing you learn.

Jun 18, 2010
Poor Max!
by: Ileana

I can't really give you any advice, but I just wanted to say that I feel so sorry for the health issues Max is having. I wish you good luck and I hope that Max will soon overcome his health problems. Best wishes to your darling Max!

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