German Shepherds - Male or Female?

by Tyce

Hey one question, Im getting a GSD puppy in a few months but i cant decide if a male or female would be a better fit.

Im a relatively young male. Which would be better with other dogs, and also be comfortable going in new environments with different people?

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Apr 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have raised one male and one female and now I have a 8 month old male puppy. Both were wonderful with people, especially children. Our current male is still in a work in progress. He is quite shy and more reserved than my other two, but we are hopeful with ongoing training and constant exposure to people, children and other dogs he will also turn out to be a well balanced dog.

Buying from the good breeder is most important. They will assist you with your choice and help you select the best puppy for your lifestyle.

Apr 16, 2010
matter of choice
by: christine anderson

Male and female bofth have much to offer. Generally speaking I recommend females for women and kids as sometimes it is easier, the bitches being smaller than males (or SHOULD BE SMALLER).

Males are full of testosterone. If you are looking at a good quality pet German Shepherd, then I suggest male or female should be desexed. Which lowers the male rank significantly and helps make them easier to manage in a family situation.

Choice of breeder is more important than male or female. Sound character, good health and a pup willing to listen and take direction and want to learn is the most important.

Avoid pups from over the top parents, overly dominant bitches or dogs. Observe how the parents (if both are available) relate to their human leaders. If they are biddable and respond without displays threats or dominance from their human family, it is a good sign the puppies are likely to be similar if raised properly. How the pup is raised is a major issue.

If the bitch is described as "protective of her pups", and you are seeking a good family dog, walk away. Good steady bitches should accept their human leaders decision to let people see her puppies once they are around the three week mark. By the time the pups are five or six weeks, the mother should be comfortable with you touching and playing gently with them.

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