Gold Nugget Amber Von Asintay

by Karrie McIntyre
(Medicine Hat, AB Canada)

My beautiful Amber

My beautiful Amber

This is Amber my 5 year old GSD, she has a heart of gold, very loyal and faithful companion with the most halirous sense of humor and matching facial expressions. Amber has lead a very busy life as an obedience and Rally'O trial dog, agility dog and started training in Search and Rescue until diagnosed with hip dysplasia and works with me delivering flyers once a week. She also enjoys camping, fishing, swimming and long walks. Amber's favorite pass time is playing kickball with a big pink ball that resembles a Varsity ball. Kickball went every where we went, camping, fishing, road trips etc.

The ball Amber use to play with was approximately 15 years old and had managed to survive 2 other GSD's. Last fall while playing in the yard with kickball it literally split in half. Amber was devastated because kick ball was broke, I tried everything to fix kickball, duck-tape, glue, contact cement etc; but nothing would hold kickball together (almost like Humpty-Dumpty). Amber still sniffs around the yard and garage looking for kick but its no where to be found, I have bought other balls to play with but they aren't the same as kickball because they don't roll as fast, and she can't terrorize the yard, parks and fields as well (in her opinion). She was getting pretty good with getting kick ball on the fence, rolling it along the fence and bouncing it off her nose. Mind you her nose took a beating also but she really didn't care because this was so much fun mom. Some days kick had to be taken away because her nose would be bleeding so badly.
Amber is a very love-able and faithful companion, if she won a Varsity ball i know she would be the happiest GSD in all of North America

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