Got To Get Another German Shepherd

by Charles E. Adams Sr
(Atlanta, Ga USA)

Hello Debbie, I have owned two German Shepherds and the last one disappered somehow. Now I am about to get another one, but this time around I want to do all the right things.

I am a 75 year old male, married and live in the city of Atlanta, Ga on a one and a half acre of land, and my wife feels safe having a dog that gives the kind of protection a German Shepherd gives especially around the bad people that could take the advantage of elderly couples living by themselves. So the next one we get we want it as a puppy so it can get use to us and grow up with us.

So we will be taking all of your advice so as to bring up a beautiful dog.

Charles Adams Sr

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Charles,

Thanks so much for writing in. You are correct, a German Shepherd could provide your family a lot of security and comfort and companionship as well. And a puppy might be a good choice but I would also like to make another suggestion here if you don't mind - adopting a rescue dog.

And the reason I wanted to suggest this is that puppies are wonderful but they can often be a handful and just might be too much depending on your situation and even your degree of health. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying this because you are seniors, but as a previous German Shepherd owner you know how strong these dogs can be.

But if you were to check out the local GSD rescues in your area (you can find loads of them via google by searching for German Shepherd rescue Atlanta, GA, or something like that), by telling them your exact situation and needs I am sure you could find an older puppy or a younger dog, a more calm and mature dog who needs a good home, and save yourself the whole process of raising a puppy. That way you and your wife could enjoy the whole experience of owning another German Shepherd sooner possibly.

But this is just a suggestion. If you really want a puppy that is fine too but there are so many good dogs in need of a second chance that I thought I would just make this suggestion to you. In either case, please let us know when you get your new companion and send us in a story and some pictures!! We'd love to hear all about it!

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Jul 09, 2014
puppy vs Adoption rescue
by: Anonymous

Hello Charles,

I have to say that it would be well to give a lot of thought before getting a puppy instead of rescue. I got my Esther as a puppy, and although she now is the love of my life, it was a very difficult time requiring a lot of patience on my part. I have had puppies before but none that were as "pushy" shall we say.

I had to learn the correct way to correct a GSD. Correction has to be with much patience and no strong arm stuff, that just makes them fight back. I learned to put her in her crate when I did not have the capability to correct, let me cool down and gain perspective of what to do. It was better to do that (put her in her crate) than to let a bad situation escalate.

It paid off, and Esther now is the center of my life, which was what she wanted in the first place I guess. Of course I should mentioned that my situation was very different than yours. I work full time and Esther was/is alone much of the day (she has a housemate kitty). Anyway, good luck on your new GSD no matter how you get her/him.

Jul 09, 2014
House trained
by: Terry Orange N.S.W. australia

To Jana..

yes Bonny was house trained within four months of her age

and went through all the chew things but she soon got out of that habit with training.

My hand and arm still goes in her mouth but she never puts any preasure on me and doesnt break any skin Lol.
and i still have both.
the last bone didnt do so well

Jul 09, 2014
Another good point
by: Jana

And probably already house broken and WELL past the chewing stage! LOL!

Jul 09, 2014
another German shep
by: Anonymous

Hello Debbie.
I was in contact with You 7 months ago with a pic of my Bonny and my wheel chair. when she was 4 months old...( new pic will come when i can).
Im am also 75 years old with disabilities.

I agree with you about rescue g.s.d dogs.but just a few comments about a pup for Charles (atlanta).
When i got Bonny It was for Various reasons, one the wheel chair next protection and of course a mate.

Well for Charles i can say although i may have done a few things wrong (not being social)is one i have found Bonny besides being very obediant was easy to train she is house trained and will only eat when told.

Besides all the puppy traits she has gone through and because its just her and myself she is very protective and never leaves my side when outside my home.and also where she can see me inside my home and will alert me when someone comes to my door, she protects my home my car when we are out and myself but this is the way i have wanted her to be so being patient and showing her affection i dont think anyone would ever get close enough to take her from me or my yard. so it all depends what Charles wants from his dog.

Im sure with the attention (lots)and time everything can be fun and hair raising at times.

Regard Terry, Bonny(pure Black) G.S.D.

In Orange N.S.W. Australia.

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