Help - Does this pup look like a full blood german shepherd puppy?

by Branden

I'm about to buy her, the owner says its full blood but it has no papers. The owner says the parents are on site but I'm still cautious.

I just really want a black german shepherd and its close to where i live the price is 200.

Thanks a million attached is the dogs picture.

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Jun 23, 2011
GS puppy
by: Anonymous

No, that is not a German Shepherd. I have raised GS's all my life and your pup is not one. What a cutie you have there :)

Jan 25, 2010
Guarantee you
by: Bette

I guarantee you that's not a full blooded GSD. A lab it is for my money. Go to a GSD rescue group or let the shelter know you're looking for a nice dog.

This looks like a petty scam artist to me. I've never seen a GSD pup like that and I've seen plenty.

Jan 15, 2010
purebred gsd
by: Anonymous

I don't know whether you've already made a decision with this pup, but for future reference for other readers, I thought I'd post anyway.

I bought a 'gsd' at 12 weeks complete with pedigree papers etc.(he's 9 mths now).

I was stupid to decide with my heart and not my head and bought him for £300 (not much for a gsd in the UK, but I'd been looking for a long time and money wasn't the motive - an 'old type', straight backed with short hair was.

Anyway, I bought him, registered with the vet, had all his jabs, wormed, flead, microchipped and insured (as well as all the food, bedding, collar, lead and toys etc etc). Then found out the pedigree was faked!

Almost immediatly he showed signs of food aggression and the vet then told me he was prob gsd x doberman. (I've heard the worst traits in 2 pure breeds show more when crossed?) He's a very dominant dog and I've also had someone in about his food aggression which has got really bad - he nearly went for my son yesterday.

The point of my story is that I have prob spent over £800 already and have a dominant, aggressive dog - I tried to ignore the voice in my head. If you're asking yourself any question, then you're prob right. I now have to rehome him. And please dont buy the dog based on price - I've paid twice over yet if I could do it again, I'd happily pay way over for a dog with a brilliant temperement.

Good luck

Dec 24, 2009
Is this a GSD?
by: Anonymous

I agree with the other post. It's hard to tell b/c the pic is small and dark, but it looks like a lab to me also, and I own a lab. Ask them for more pics. There are plenty of GSDs out there, so this isn't the only one available to you. Good luck.

Dec 24, 2009
full blooded german shepherd puppy?
by: Debbie

Hard to tell - the picture is so small and dark - but doesn't look to be based on the wide snout of the pup - looks almost "labish". I would be suspicious since there are no papers involved and the person isn't a real breeder and doesn't seem to be giving you a lot of details up front.

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