How can I stop my GSD puppy from jumping up and biting me?

My 10 week old GSD pup jumps up, wraps his front legs around mine and bites me - most often when i go into the garden but also in the house. He also bites at my ankles when i walk anywhere. I am covered in bruises and scratches and am seriously losing patience with him.

I have tried everything from saying 'no' firmly, ignoring his behaviour(which isn't easy when sharp teeth are digging into your legs!), walking away, cuffing his nose, going into another room, even firmly putting him on his side. Nothing works - it only makes him worse.I'm beginning to fear going outside as I know he'll jump on me immediately. And it hurts!

I live in Uganda and do not have access to puppy training schools etc. Please could you advise what i can do to stop this behaviour because he is beginning to make me feel quite unhappy when he does this and i really do not want to get angry with him.

Thank you.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Sue,

It sounds as though your boy is seriously feeling that he is the leader of you two already and you will need to do training with him to fix this issue as well as the fact that he doesn't respect your authority.

But for now, I'll list a link below for one dog trainer that I really like - it is a video on Youtube that addresses the issue of dogs jumping on people.

And if that doesn't work I would check into other dog videos or dog training courses online to see which methods you think will work best for you - but training is what your GS puppy needs right now.

Here's the 1st video:

and here's a link to another trainer that I recently became aware of that has great results with the animals he works with so you can check it out too:

Here's the 2nd video:

(GSDs being trained)

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Apr 23, 2010
How to stop bad behaviour
by: Mary

Now is the time to fix these bad habits. What I did was to act like my boy's mom. I literally got him by the scruff of the neck, held him firmly and looked into his eyes while giving him the teeth (I showed my clenched teeth to him briefly when he was looking at me!)

You must be serious (and fair). Do not hit him or take his biting. If done correctly, he will try to lick your hand or face, allow him to lick your hand and go on as if nothing has happened. Do not pet him or talk to him for a while. Just behave as if nothing has happened. Pushing him off makes him think you are playing with him.

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