How do you keep a German Shepherd busy while alone?

by laura

My husband and I both work outside of the house and our 2 year old german shepherd is home alone during the day.

She stays in the garage and outside in the backyard when we are gone. She is starting to chew and attempt to dig/bury things in the yard.

We are wondering what are some good things to do/give her to keep her busy and entertained while we are not home?

We do play with her and take her for walks regularly as well as go to dog classes once a week. Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you very much!

Total German Shepherd: Get your dog a few kongs and fill them up with various treats such a dog cookies or peanut butter to start. If you freeze them it'll take the GSD a little longer to get the treat out too.

Just remember too that any time you give extra treats that you take a little of their regular food away at meal time so that they don't get chunky.

I also play the radio all day long for my girls whenever I have them put up when I'm not at home.

So there's a couple of ideas to start with. Think outside the box and I'm sure you can come up with more yourselves too.

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