I found Our German Shepherd Ned on Tax Day

by The Pearsons
(Newnan Ga)

Ned - Photo was taken at 15 wks

Ned - Photo was taken at 15 wks

I found Ned on April 15, he was sitting outside the doors of the Community Center where I work. He’d been sleeping in our dug-outs for about a week.

Poor Ned was covered in sarcoptic mange. He was thin and exhausted. He slept in my lap for the duration of the day (my boss let me go home since I refused to put him back out on the street).

My husband was NOT happy, he isn’t a big dog person and he especially hates puppies. But after begging and begging he finally let me keep the dog. Over time Ned worked his way into my husband’s heart (which wasn’t hard, my hubby is a very loving man and Ned is a very loving dog).

At the time we named Ned after “Ned” from Pushing Daisies. I find it funny we later found out Ned means “Wealthy Guard” or “Wealthy Protector”. Just more proof he was meant for us.

Ned is so smart and has adjusted to apartment life surprisingly well. Though he does have “crazy” moments when he’ll run around growling maniacally and attacking his toys. It is apparent that he is a very confidant little male with a dominant personality. In his mind my husband is Alpha and I am mommy/playmate.

He hates water, hates the vacuum, and loathes being groomed. Typical boy. On the flip side he has a real love for people, from every walk of life and he also loves other dogs. If I allowed him to he’d spend every waking moment playing with his two best buds (a grown male Maine Coon Hound and a female Great Dane/Lab puppy his age).

He’s a wonderful little boy who has learned an astonishing amount of new information in the 7 weeks we’ve had him. Basic commands and potty training was easy and even the more complicated tricks he’s begun to pick up on with ease. I look forward to years of fun, love and joy with my GSD (or GSD mix…we’re not 100% sure) even if he is a stinker at times. ;)

The Pearsons

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Jul 20, 2010
lovely story
by: Anonymous

seriously cute and happy story good for the three of you

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