I Love My German Shepherd Astro's Protective Nature

by Erick G. Fonseca

look at that German Shepherd jumping

look at that German Shepherd jumping

Hello all,

I present to you ASTRO! He's a 10 month old pup (in this pic he's about 6); very energetic, great with my 3 kids (6, 8, 10 yrs old), my lovely wife, and very protective of my youngest! What's different about Astro as you can see are his eyes/look AND coat color.

ASTRO has been very patient with me since I got him as a 7.5 week puppy. I say that because I've never owned a dog before and I had to learn a lot about GSD's.

His accomplishments include wining first place (out of 7 dogs young and adult) at a beginners puppy training class when he was only 6 mo. old, which earned him an automatic registration with the AKC as a STAR puppy. He has also learned how to follow commands with hand signals (sit, stay, down, jump, shake).

In fact, he loves to jump from ground up to a trampoline and benches every time I signal the command!

Last thing about Astro. I love his protective nature. The other day I took him and the family to a park/reservation where he was able to roam free and put his instincts to work!

I was up front with Astro, and my wife and kids in the back. As we walked, Astro would go to the front of the "pack" as if he was scouting, then he would pause to look back (as he was doing a head count) and go all the way to the back of the pack.

Every time my youngest would get out of the track, he would leave the line and get close to him. I thought that was very interesting behavior for a young pup and of course I was very proud.

I hope you guys will find ASTRO a unique GSD as I do.. he deserves to be the pup of the month!

Erick G. Fonseca

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Nov 27, 2012
by: Linda Arnold

What a handsome male he is! He is an athlete! German Shepherds are very protective and they show it all the time. Take care of your boy and he will take care of you!

Nov 24, 2012
Astro's Protective Nature
by: Lt. Ronald McCarty Ret

For many years (27+) I owned and was exposed to Law Enforcement K-9's of various breeds. Many may disagree with me but as a new owner I suggest that as protective as your dog is it is YOUR responsibilty to protect your dog.

Don't put your dog in situations where he is liable to litigation just for doing what is natural for him as a pack leader or in harms way to idiots out there that just don't understand big dogs or pets in particular.

I only say this so that you may have the knowledge that others have learned the hard way. For us with our German Shepherd Dogs and all other Dog Owners who live through their PuPs I wish you well and it appears you are enjoying the love our German Shepherd Dogs and other dogs bring their human partners.

We do not own our dogs as they are a gift from God and it is our responsibility to care for them and I know you will do well. Follow your instincts and trust only God and you and your PuP will grow old together. Your GSD is your kid and never, never, never let Astro out of your sight.

Nov 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Erick, it is good to hear that you are enjoying your pup, Astro so much. You should have many years of love and companionship.

He sounds like a natural for herding, as many, mine included, GSDs are. There are so many things you can do with your GS. Thanks for posting to tell us about him.

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