I love my German Shepherd Puppy, Austin

by Jayde Ochoa

A is for how Adorable she is. Whether shes sleeping, rolling in the plants, chewing on toys, fighting with her bud, crying like the little baby she is, or even just simply sitting on the grass, she has the most adorable looking face I've ever seen.

U is for how uncoordinated she is. I know she will soon grow out of that but its one of my favorite things about her, she'll be sniffing around and find something, get excited, and start jumping around and then plop on her bottom. I love when she runs is so clumsy but cute.

S is for how Sneaky she is. We have a year old beagle who she slowly creeps up on, when she thinks no one is looking.

T is for how tenacious she can be. We go outside and she loves it, and refuses to come in sometimes. She goes under the bed to hide from our beagle but when we call her doesnt come out. Loves to stay in our closet filled with clothes and shoes and sits and lays there til we pick her up.(mmh wonder why?)

Shes just her own dog and wants to do things her way. She eats her friend the beagles food but refuses at times to eat hers, sometimes she tries to eat both. Tsk, tsk.

I is for how Innocent she is. She doesnt know any better, shes just a puppy exploring everything around. Digging, sniffing, and sometimes eating dirt, shes a very curious baby. People she sees just walking by she starts to follow as if she knows who they are.

Then there was another time we were at the pool and she walks right in as if it were nothing, I was terrified, then I was reminded she can swim lol. She just a puppy and very new to the things around, something I should always keep in mind.

N is for all the Napping she does. In the car, on the couch, in our bed, on the floor, outside on the grass, and even when we go for a trip to the dog park, she a napper.

This is just a few things that describe our little girl. She can make me happy as soon as I see her but in a second can disappoint me. But no matter how I feel I know in the future she will make me the happiest owner. I'm looking forward to the big, strong, loyal dog she will be and the many moments and memories we'll have in between.

I love my Austin and I hope after you see and read just a little about her, you will too :)

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