I picked my GSD Puppy Raju because he was the "odd ball"

by Raju Singh
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hello. My name is Raju. My puppy's name is Tiger (we call him Tig).

In this photo he is 4 months old and currently 6 months old. Weighs 95 lbs and doesn't seem like the growing is stopping anytime soon.

He is a solid color (kinda has a red tone to him) with no markings at all. The rest of his litter mates had the traditional colors, but I picked him because he was the odd ball.

He is a handful and picks up on everything right away. I used to fill a water bottle from a spout outside in the backyard. Well from watching me, he one day found the water bottle in the back yard and was trying to fill it from the spout.

Loves kids, especially my little cousin. People are amazed by his color. He loves hiking and the water. His eye color is similiar to his coat color.

I know he's different and probably not to standard, but he's my boy and we love him. Most of all he came into our lives as my grandfather was passing on. He gave comfort to everyone, young and old, who was dealing with my grandfather's illness. He was like a lil angel.

Hope he's worthy of the title. In my book... he most def is. Thank you for the opportunity to submit this. God Bless.

Raju Singh

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Jun 23, 2010
Great Story
by: BJFC

Thanks for sharing this story. They are just so intelligent. Best wishes with him.

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