I was sold a Puppy german shepherd

by michael

When I got my puppy she was just 5 weeks old. How old does she have to be before she can have some soft food?

She is eating puppy chow and some other hard pellet type food made for puppies.

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If your German Shepherd puppy is already eating hard foods well and not having any problems with them then I would suggest that you keep the GSD puppy on the hard foods - like puppy chow, or any hard puppy kibble for instance.

And if you're talking about the soft canned foods I wouldn't recommend them either. The hard foods are so much better for their teeth and digestive system.

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Apr 24, 2010
Five Weeks
by: christine anderson

It worries me the puppy was only five weeks old when obtained. Unless the puppy was orphaned, it should have been with mum and the other bubs if any.

Firstly, mum's milk is important. But even more important for development of character is the puppy needs to learn from mum the art of canine behaviour. Not all behaviours are innate.

I breed German Shepherd Dogs in Australia and they are not allowed to leave us until 8 weeks of age.

This also allows for vaccinations to start kicking in and for the puppies to learn to be - puppies.

Sincerely hope your puppy is mixing at home with some other dogs.

Food wise, I gather it is still very young. Puppy will by now need bones to chew on and also chew toys to help with teething.

If puppy is over eight weeks, feed two main meals of a good puppy kibble (dry dog food). Night time give a bone to chew on.

Avoid over nutrition. Contact your local GSD Clubs for assistance.

Generally I find too many meals for a puppy can make for a fussy eater, they eat the good bits and leave the rest.

I also feed twice daily and give a small snack at bedtime to the adults. Keeps sugar levels more stable and helps avoid gastric torsion.

Enjoy your puppy.

Christine Anderson
Beychief German Shepherd Dogs, Australia

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