Interested in Adopting a Second GSD

by Bill

My little blockhead :-)

My little blockhead :-)

Hello, My wife and I are currently looking at the possibility of adopting a second GSD. We currently have an American White male German Shepherd male who is 7 months old.

He is VERY playful and we may try to get him a brother or sister. We just have many questions as to if this is good for him.

Just a little about him:

He is about 70 lbs currently and the vet thinks he could be over 125.

He is not neutered and we do not want to neuter him. He is VERY friendly and loves other dogs and people. Due to his size though he scares many other dogs.

He is very active. We run him daily and it doesn't slow him down. Only thing that tires the boy out if wrestling with the neighbor shepherd who is 6 years old.

We both work full time so he unfortunately spends 8-9 hours alone.

He is crate trained however he can flip the cage and that became a safety issue for him. He currently lives in the basement and is very good down there. We live in an average sized townhouse with a basic back yard.

He is house trained and is obedient as much at a 6 month old can be. He listens 1/2 the time.

Basically we want to see if this is the right environment for Marley and a second dog and if so, what we should look for. (male, female, young, old, etc.)

Thank you for your help!

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