Introducing German Shepherd Rylee & Her 1st Litter

by Nikki Barry

Hi my name is Nikki Barry and I’m going to submit 2 pictures.

The pictures are of my female Rylee and her puppies at 6 weeks. This was Rylee’s first litter and she had 10 puppies. Rylee is a light cream & tan GSD with golden brown eyes.

Picture 1 – Rylee is looking up in this picture with a few of her pups holding or chasing the end of her leash. From top left: Mary Jane (black puppy), Bandit, Chaos, Mischief, Sienna, Rylee. Bottom right: Beau (closest to corner), Athena

Picture 2 - Rylee is looking down in this picture but it is adorable to see 4 puppies hanging on to her leash with Mischief running to be part of the tug of war.

From left: Bandit, Sienna, Chaos, Athena & Mischief running to catch on, Rylee and Gypsy.

I love your website!

Take care & have a great day,

Nikki Barry

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Jul 06, 2012
"Rylee" & Her 1st Litter
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Congratulations for Rylee and her fist Litter of gorgeous puppies! I love the puppy year and I wished it was longer and didn't grow so fast.

A lot of new families will be getting new edition to the their family - Great!!! Take care of those precious little darlings till they new Loving families!

Jul 04, 2012
Introducing German Sheoherd Rylee & 1st Litter
by: Cheryl Schaefer

Hi! Nikki,
Thank you for introducing us to Rylee's first litter! They are so very precious! I love the photos!

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