Is 18 weeks too young to take my GSD jogging?

by Wayne
(South Carolina)

My German Shepherd is now about 18 weeks. Is that too early to make him my jogging partner?

I usually run about 2.25 miles on asphalt on average 3 times a week.

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Feb 07, 2010
Running with GSD
by: Anonymous

18 months would be a good time to start but with only a short distance (1 mile) and on soft surface (grass or trail)

You can gradually build up to 5 miles at 3 years old. Watch the heat though. I don't run with my GSD if its over 60 degrees unless we take swim breaks along the way.

Feb 06, 2010
No Jogging Yet
by: Wendy

Yes. This is far too young to take a gsd jogging, especially on concrete/asphalt. Gsd's are not fully grown until around 18 MONTHS.

As a larger breed the growth plates have not fully set, and the pounding can cause joint damage which can lead to problems later in life such as arthritis or dysplasia.

Running on a softer surface like grass or a path is better. So do your pup a favour and jog on your own for now and play fetch in the yard for him.

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