Is my dog a German Shepherd?

my puppy at 2 months

my puppy at 2 months

I recently bought what was presumably a gsd from a friend. but after seeing pictures of other gsd puppies, i am just wondering if he is a gsd. Would really appreciate the help, just to know for sure.

And also i just want to say i live in Ghana, where there is nothing like a kennel club or papers to certify the breed of dog. So i really need the help. Attached is a picture of my pup at 2 months.

Thank you.

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Dec 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

..thanks a lot. he looks more like a GSD now. funny enough, i also changed his diet. he looks much better now. but his hind legs are quite straight though,and he does look like he has some doberman traits. hes a super friend nonetheless.

Dec 01, 2009
It's hard to tell...........
by: Anonymous

......without a DNA test which can be very expensive. Your dog looks the image of my pup when he was 3 months.I had a similar problem when I bought him from an unreputable breeder. For the first time I went with my heart and spent every evening studying him (he isn't my first GSD).

Even the vet said he wasn't 100% GSD and quite a few people asked what breed he was! He looked 90% GSD and possibly 10% doberman. The vet also said his ears wouldn't stand up and his skull and nose was too narrow, however, during the last few months I changed his diet and he now has more exercise and is 'filling out' and gaining good muscle structure.

He was originally too thin to make a decision on. His ears stand up beautifully and his head is more broader than it was. Also, please bear in mind that every GSD does look different - I also have an 18 month old bitch - and she looks different again, yet is 100% pedigree. He's straight back, she's roach back. The only difference with him is his tail, which isn't as bushy as the norm, but he is 110% GSD in mind! He's 6 months now and what a smart handsome dog!

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