Is my puppy a full blooded German Shepherd?

by Randi
(Sprinfield, Mo, USA)

And how old do you think he is?

And how old do you think he is?

I recently adopted a German shepherd puppy and was told at the shelter that because of the white marking on his chest and his shaggy fur, he's a mix.

I've been looking at a lot of pictures of German shepherds, including the past litters my aunt has bred, and he by all accounts looks purebred to me.

Also, the vet said he was between 8 and 14 weeks old, but I'd like a bit closer estimate if that's possible. He weighs exactly 20 pounds, if that helps. Thanks

Total German Shepherd:

Well, judging just from the photo you've sent it does like like your puppy may very well be a full blooded German Shepherd puppy.

And just because there is white on your puppy does not disqualify it as being a GSD because the white color has been in the breed from the beginning.

And concerning the longer cost, there are many, many, many longer coated German shepherds around - often referred to as "coated" so that is no disqualification in and of itself either.

So whether your puppy is or isn't a purebred is a bit up in the air since we don't know anything about the parents but concerning the age it looks to be around 9 - 10 weeks old to me - again this is just an estimate.

Either way, whether it is or isn't a purebred German Shepherd puppy, you've gotten a beautiful new baby and a wonderful new friend for yourself. Good luck with your new baby and have fun.

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