Is this a German Shepherd Puppy??

by Dominic Luna
(Riverside CA)

He has a white strip on the bottom of his chest.

He has a white strip on the bottom of his chest.

I was driving home one night when i literly found this puppy sleeping in the middle of the road. As a owner of a GSD I couldnt leave him there.

I took him home and feed him and he gets along well with my GSD. DO you think he is a purbred GSD ???

Total German Shepherd: It's really hard to tell from the picture - it's just so dark. But as a best guess he does look very "German Shepherd-like" from what I can tell. So..... maybe.

But if he gets along well with your other dog and you're happy with him - what does it really matter anyway?

You now have a wonderful new addition to your family and a great story to tell about how he came into your life. Good luck with your new German Shepherd and thanks so much for rescuing a dog in need.

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