Is this a german shepherd puppy?

by Arif

I am loading a picture of my german shepherd puppy. Please confirm this breed of german shepherd.

German Shepherd Training

Total German Shepherd: What a sweet smile your puppy has! Well, there definitely is some German Shepherd in your puppy but I would feel safer saying that it is probably a German Shepherd mix than a full blooded GSD without seeing the parents, its litter mates, etc., because I can't really see a lot of it from the angle of the picture you've sent.

But don't take my word 100% for it though because I am not there to "get my hands on it" and to see its parents and litter mates in person. But whatever the case that is just fine because your puppy is a one of a kind.

Enjoy it's uniqueness - no matter whether it is a full blooded German Shepherd puppy or a German Shepherd mix puppy. You have a wonderful companion there ready to love you for you no matter whether you have big feet, freckles, missing teeth, a great big nose, etc., etc.

Your German Shepherd puppy loves you for you - do the same thing for it and you'll both be fine. Be kind to it, feed it well, keep it healthy, do plenty of socializing, and training and you'll have a puppy that would do anything for you as it gets older.

Good luck with your new puppy!

German Shepherd Training

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