Do you have an itchy German Shepherd?

Do you have an itchy German Shepherd? Does your GSD scratch all the time? There are loads of things that can make your GSD scratch itself.

Here is a short list of possible offenders: fleas, allergies, ear mites or scabies, skin infections such as hot spots, ticks or lice, all kinds of fungal infections, seborrhea, and so much more.

Maybe you weren't even aware that your dog could get a lot of them but for this short article I will list one tip below to help aid if you in the event your dog only has dry skin issues.

Now that summertime is really here many German Shepherds are experiencing more issues with dry skin than ever before.

The first thing I would suggest is that you check your dog for fleas. Check your GSD carefully for fleas , eggs, droppings, etc. and then if you can really cross this off your list of issues then go on to another possibility that might be causing the scratching problem.

Another thing you can do to help alleviate itching is to soak or bathe the dog in cool water with something like baking soda, epson salts, or Aveeno to help increase the soothing effects but remember not to dry your German Shepherd with a hair dryer or rub them afterward since either of these things will make the itch worse and negate the effects of the batch. Keep in mind that the effects of the bath is only temporary however.

If your dog has a problem with allergies oftentimes antihistamines can be effective. You can use an over the counter antihistamine with your German Shepherd such as chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton ), clemastine (Tavist) or diphenhydramine (Benadryl) but be sure to check with your veterinarian first for proper dosage instructions.

One tip I'll share with you is one that my grandfather swore by and used with his own dogs all the time if they had dry skin issues. Keep in mind that this is not a fast acting relief either so it will take several weeks before the benefits will begin to take effect.

Here it is: Splash your scratchy German Shepherds food with about 1 to 2 Tablespoons of either vegetable oil or canola oil in your dog's food.

I wouldn't do this every meal myself, but once a day should help your GSDs coat over time. The added fat to your dogs diet will help to give your German Shepherd's coat a softer, shiny look and should help to alleviate any dry skin and itching issues in your dog.

If your itchy German Shepherd demands over the counter products then you can also buy a product named "LIPIDERM GEL CAPS FOR LARGE DOGS," which works on the same general principle, but costs a bit more than the canola oil.

So, try some of the methods listed on this page to alleviate your itchy German Shepherd coat problems right now and you'll both be on your way to a more stress and itch free summer soon.

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