Its me or the dog-I cant take the german shepherds ridiculous behavior anymore!

by Cari

My fiance has a 5 year old german shepherd. She used to be a decent dog. Barked when someone was at the door but when you said calm down or its okay or you let the person in she would stop.

Now that isnt the case. If someone pulls up in our driveway, let alone comes up to the door, she goes nuts. She barks and barks and squeals and barks at anyone that comes over. That is just the tip of the problem.

She gets in the trash all the time. When i say get in the trash i dont mean just get in the trash with one or two things on the ground. I mean the WHOLE trash bag on the floor. I am SICK of cleaning it up. Its ridiculous.

Just today my daughter and i went on a walk. Since the dog absolutely does not listen when on a walk(she used to, now she pulls and pulls and pulls, chases things, ect) she stayed home on her leash that is staked in the ground.

We have a nice set up so she can lay on the driveway, lay in the backyard, and go in the garage and lay on the couch in there. When first going outside after naptime i walk into the garage and see that my petunias that i didnt plant yet were on the floor and destroyed. PETUNIAS! Its not like its a steak or something. UGH!

I cleaned up the mess and we decided to go on a walk. Before we left i got the dog fresh water and food. We were gone for about an hour. When we get back i go in the garage and the trash can that HAD a lid on it was now off with its contents all over. !!! WHY! SHE HAD FOOD AND WATER!

She is 5 years old. She has started to act like this about 2 years ago and it has progressively gotten worse. My fiance loves her, but i cant stand how she acts. And we are moving soon and are going to get new carpet in our new house. I am not going to waste the money for her to expell her trash can and dog food waste on my new carpet.

Can anyone tell i am frustrated. I am ready to ship her off. WHAT CAN WE DO???

Total German Shepherd: I can tell you in one word - TRAINING!! Get your german shepherd, your fiance and everyone else in your family signed up for a training class ASAP!

Dog training is the only way to change these behaviors from bad to good. You can go to an actual dog training class or have a dog trainer come to your house (best solutions) or you can do dog training your own self which is probably not the best idea since she obviously doesn't respect you at this time - but that can be changed.

But if you opt to do training yourself check out the dog training course by clicking on the banner above (even though it says "Potty training") to see a lady who did training herself on her own 4 German Shepherd who were "a little bit wild" and see what you think.

Please don't give up on her before you try dog training first. Her behavior can be changed.

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Jun 05, 2010
bad dog
by: Anonymous

German Shepherds are very smart, and if you don't take the time to exercise there minds and their bodies, they will find ways to do it themselves, as you have found out. Where is the boyfriend? Sounds like he needs to spend a little time with him also.

Get him into a training class will also help him socialize himself, and give him something to do. Be patient, he's trying to tell you he needs more.

Jun 04, 2010
frustration with your dog
by: John Lentz

TRAINING for you..and the dog. Sounds like she needs a job as well. I do believe she is many times do you walk her.

I find that with my 24 week old GSD (not my first GSD), I have to take him at least once per day on a walk, play with him and work him in his obedience commands at least 15 minutes a day. If not, he finds things to get in trouble with. I wish you the best of luck.

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