by Sheribeari

Jager has just turned 11 and is such a character. He has a quirky personality and is loved by all. When I come home from work there are several of the neighborhood kids waiting for me in the driveway to ask if "Jager come out and play?". H has decided he likes to drink his water from a bowl in the living room with us. When the bowl is empty, he will either tip it over or pick it up and hand it to us. When he had his hip replacement surgery, we got a crate big enough I could sleep in it with him for the first week home. He returned the favor by sticking by me when I had my knee replacement surgery. He never left my side. He especially kept a close on the home therapist :) The vet and her staff tell me that he is the best natured and mannered GSD they have ever worked with. He loves kids of all ages.He is everything a GSD should be. Beautiful, loving, protective.

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