Jarvis: World's Sneakiest German Shepherd Puppy



At 3 months, Jarvis was a handful. Being a full-time student, it was always a challenge keeping his mind occupied.

I had three other roommates that loved playing with him, yet even with they're efforts it seemed as if Jarvis could never wear down.

We had a decent sized backyard that allowed him plenty of running room, but the layout of the kitchen window allowed limited visibility.

Jarvis had no problem holding his bladder to take a leak in the back, but we weren't yet to the stage of full potty training.

As our relationship grew, I learned that I could depend Jarvis as an alarm clock (pulling off my sheets or nibbling on my toes just minutes before my 8:30 alarm), as an extremely effective conversation starter (with girls that came to the house and fell for those "puppy eyes"), a walking/jogging partner, as kitchen vaccum (cleanest kitchen floor on the block), sometimes as excuse (Jarvis farted), but always a best friend.

---------------------------Really Jarvis?----------------------------

The point in our friendship where i realized that Jarvis was an exceptionally smart dog was one wet December day.

I had started to notice that Jarvis's eating habits had changed. Sure he was always down to snack on his kong, but he barely would touch his dogfood.

I started blaming the roommates, "Quit feeding Jarvis human food! He won't touch his dog food anymore" (but let's be honest, I was never against giving him the last couple bites of my steak or hot dog either).

It came to everyone's shock, that Jarvis had been pulling a fast one on us the past couple weeks. I stored his dog food in our storage room in the basement which had a normal hinged door, and an accordian door to the side.

One day I was left the house, saying good bye to Jarvis quickly to avoid the guilt trip he would put off. An hour later, i get back to the house and my roommate is estatic, "You'll never believe what your dog just did!"

Jarvis had put on a show for me when left but once I had shut the door, Jarvis bolted to the basement, wiggled his way through the accordian door of the storage room, and started to destroy his dog food, never letting one kibble to be seen on the floor.

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