Jet, Our german shepard/bordie collie mix

by Tammy
(Greenwood, IN)

look at those big German Shepherd like ears

look at those big German Shepherd like ears

I got Jet when he was 8 weeks old. He has grown into a beautiful puppy. He is now 10 months old and I have had a wonderful time training him to be the loving puppy that he is.

He is not around a lot of people so he is jumpy when strangers want to pet him. He does like to play with the other dogs at the park.

Total German Shepherd :

Hey Tammy,

I love the pictures you have sent of your new German Shepherd mix puppy, Jet. What a cutie he is. He is definitely one handsome young man.

I have seen a lot of GSD mixes in my time but never a GSD/border collie mix. So you better get ready because he was doubled up on brains when his parents got together!! LOL! He is bound to be an intelligent and probably a hyper little guy so make sure you find him plenty to keep his body and brain busy.

Training is key. Socialization is also so very important. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with him. Please feel free to send us some more information on him and how he's matured in the future. And pictures - send lots of pictures too!!

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Apr 15, 2014
socialize, socialize, socialize
by: Anonymous

Should be very useful to get him out and about. Put collar and leash on him and take him out to wherever he will see and be around people of all ages. To the park, around Main Street down town. Walk him around then sit on a bench and let him watch people and get used to traffic noises, etc.

As I do not have a large fenced area for my dog to run off excess energy, I would play fetch with her when coming home, before taking her for a walk. This would take the edge off, then I could put the lead on her and go.

I live alone so taking my dog out was the only way to get her used to other people, and it worked wonderfully. Do not be afraid to tell people to back off, if they want to pet your dog, let the people know that you have to get the dog sitting calmly before they can pet him. You have a beautiful puppy.

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