keeping my GSD from biting my hands

by Nadia
(Los Angeles, Ca, USA)

How can i keep my dog from biting my hands when i pet him? He constantly bites almost every time i touch him,

but he doesn't bite hard and aggressively but i guess playful. The are just times where he shouldn't be biting.

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Nov 29, 2015
Biting my hand
by: Anonymous

What I did was the same as his mom would do hold on the nap of neck and give a gentle shake and say no biting. They are very smart dogs. Mine will be six months old on the 4th of Dec

Sep 18, 2010
Peanut Butter
by: Anonymous

"Never bite the hand that feeds you..."

When my german shepherd female was a puppy I would put peanut butter on my hands, fingers, and my husbands hands and fingers. We then would let her lick off the peanut butter (use the clicker for praise). If she started nibbling we would remove our hands. We did this several times until she realized that hands, feets, and faces are for licking not biting.

For our males we went about it differently. They didn't take to the peanut butter idea. If they started biting our hands in play, we would make our correction noise, and re-direct their behavior to a chew toy. We continue correcting and re-directing through the teething part of puppyhood.

You want to make sure to break the habit of biting fingers, hands, and feet when their young. A full grown german bite is a lot more painful.

Hope this helps.

Mar 16, 2010
"No Teeth"!!!!!
by: Penny

I have raised a few shepherds from puppy hood. Part of the urge for your dog to bite your hand is for reassurance but you should put and end to the behavior.

I always use my assertive voice and say "NO TEETH". Once they stop I put them in a down position. This might take some time but my guys stopped trying to mouth my hands! Good Luck

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