King Cody, Our German Shepherd Service/Therapy Dog

by Verna
(Natchez, MS)

Our little granddaughter was diagnosed as being mildly Autistic so I wanted to get her a service dog/friend. I had read that it helps with socialization and their speech, etc.

So we decided to get a trained German Shepherd from Goldstar. The trainer actually brought Cody to us from Nevada! Cody was a large, beautiful German Shepherd. He was very shy and sad when the trainer left him with us.

You could tell they loved each other very much. Cody was much bigger than I thought he would be but I could tell he was very gentle and had a sweet spirit. The trainer brought a huge kennel with him for him to sleep in and he was in the kennel when our granddaughter first saw him.

Guess what she said to him....she said "Horsey"? I have seen miniature shetland ponies that are not much bigger than Cody. You should see our granddaughter and Cody play together. I don't know which one of them enjoys it the most.

And, if anyone unexpected should walk by the fence Cody is most alert and protective. When my Mother was ill Cody would lay on the floor at the foot of her bed and to this day when I go to her house he turns and looks at me as to say "come on" and walks with me to her room. He is very special and we love him very much and are so happy to have him in our family.

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