Leerburg? Wolfgang? Two styles of GSD?

by Mark
(Berwick, Louisiana)

Alexander and Drake

Alexander and Drake

I was told there were two styles of GSD. The two I heard of so far are leerburg and wolfgang. How true is this. If it is true then what are the differences.



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Dec 05, 2010
by: Marie

Leerburg is where they breed GSD's. They have different types for different "jobs". Their prices range quite a bit depending on what you're looking for. They also guarentee their pups and dogs. They have them for family pets, on up to breeding for all sorts of service dogs including guard dogs. They have a website. I believe its: www.leerburgkennels.com
I'm not sure about the Wolfgang, I happen to think that they are probably breeders also-not sure though.

Mar 11, 2010
2 styles of gsd
by: Anonymous

Leerburg is a kennel in the US that breeds gsds. Don't know about wolfgang.

I believe there are 4 types of gsd.

1. American show lines
2. West German Showlines
3. West German working lines
4. East german working lines

The 1st 2 are obviously bred for shows.
The last 2 are bred for working: police, shutzhund, SAR, etc.
I own a east german working line gsd and he is amazing. Very strong prey drive, not suitable for the novice dog owner.

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