Lita. "Rocket Queen"

by Ginny Askins
(Indianapolis, IN)

Lita  playing in tree house

Lita playing in tree house

Lita is from my sisters spring litter, at 2 weeks was rejected by her mother. She had to be taken away from the rest of the litter and fed a bottle every two hours. I started keeping her a few days each week because it was a big job to keep up with the feedings.

One morning after trying all night to get her to eat and feeling sure she was not going to make it, I searched the Internet and found a trainer who had bred over 200 litters of GS puppies and he gave the recipe he uses to feed failure to thrive puppies. I immediately made this for her and within 4 hours she was stronger, wanting to eat and walking around.

From that point she stronger and gaining weight, she has now caught up with the other puppies from her litter. She lives with me because I fell in love with her and could not imagine letting someone else have her.

Lita is four months old today and loves playing with my 6 lb toy rat terrier, we are all happy she is ours !!

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