Looking for information on very rare coat color.

Hello, I am looking for information on a particular kind of dog that I was told was a German Shepherd, but had a grey/brown sable coat with White mask, chest, legs, paws, and underside. The type of coloring a Siberian or Malamute would have.

The appearance was Shepherd-like, with the tall standing ears, body weight and conformation, skull structure, etc. except for the unusual markings. I've heard rumors that these dogs were being bred in Canada around 1950-1985 or so.

Breed clubs can give me no information. Anyone who remembers the old Canadian show "The Littlest Hobo" will know the type of dog I mean. I've also heard rumors that that color can be produced by crossing a sable GSD with a white GSD. Does anyone know if this is true or has any other information?

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Jan 20, 2010
Unusual Pattern
by: GSDGenes

It is true that sables who carry the white recessive often show this variation in the pattern in their sabling. The degree to which they show this can vary from barely noticeable to extremely obvious.



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