Looking for My Sadie and Ruger

by Kami Lawrence
(Coolsprings,TN or Flagstaff, Az)

Hello there, Can you please listen to everything I have to say. About three to four years ago my family lived in an apartment complex called the dwell in coolsprings Tennessee. I lived in Arizona with my dad because my parents got divorced.

I came to Tennessee during the summer sometime and found out that my mother had sold our two family dogs. Their names were Sadie and Ruger, Sadie was a female quarter wolf with a black and yellow-goldish Mane she was about 11 years old. Ruger was my other German Shepard and he was Sadie's best and only friend. Ruger was about 3 years old and could not stand to be away from Sadie.

They were the coolest dogs in the world and I would give anything to have them back. My mom fully regrets ever getting rid of them and we have tried and tried finding the lady to whom they were sold to. Both of my parents are willing to do anything to get them back and so am I.

My brother Michael was the one who actually sold them to the lady because my mom wasn't there, he said the lady lived in Murfeesburro Tennessee. He had deleted all of her contact information. If anyone out there has any information on them or the lady please inform me. I will do anything.

If you want money then name your price. Please help me find my dogs thanks! My number for any information is 9two8six072one5two. Thanks for your time!

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