Loyalty and Love: My German Shepherd Dog, Rambo

by Ileana
(New York)

My loyal and loving Rambo

My loyal and loving Rambo

My dog Rambo is turning 3 in February. He is beautiful, intelligent and extremely loyal. I got him when he was eight weeks old.

He came a long way since then. We learned a lot of things from each other. I learned from him how to teach him new things and he learned from me how to be the best boy.

He came a long way since he was that little cute puppy whom I fell in love with the moment I lay my eyes on him for the first time. He is now a very well behaved and loving boy who makes me very proud.

Also he is my gorgeous best friend and buddy. For almost three years he has been a big part of my life and I hope that he will continue being part of my life for a long, long time.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Ileana,

What a great story. And a beautiful photo as well!

Thanks so much for sharing all about the relationship you have with your handsome German Shepherd Dog, Rambo. He is truly a gorgeous dog.

I wish you nothing but the best with him and I hope that you both get to share each others company for many, many years to come. Maybe sometime in the future you can send us some more pictures or information, or maybe even share what new accomplishments you guys have achieved together.

Best of luck and as always, German Shepherds Rule!

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