Male German Shepherd vs female German Shepherd

by Colleen
(Auckland N.Z.)

We've only ever owned female dogs - my husband and I have had 2 GSDs together (and he had one before we met) -2 standard coats and 1 plush coat. Now we've met a long coat male who seems lovely.

Is gender simply a matter of personal choice? We always chose females because (in our minds) they don't pee everywhere like males do, they don't smell as much as males do, they don't 'advertise' their gender like males do and females are more 'into' you than males - males tend to want to do their own thing more - but that might just be our perception!

And I'm a bit daunted by the big coat of a long coat - is it true they don't drop as much fur (but it's more sticky) how hard is grooming a long coat?

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Nov 24, 2009
Male vs female
by: Colleen

Thanks Ann - by sticky I mean the fur sticks to things - a bit like a light cobweb rather than falling off the dog so much. I think we're going to move forward with this boy. He has to get along with our wee cross breed though and he has to be gentle with her - all else pales into the background really. I think we'll introduce them this weekend! Thanks for your comments

Nov 24, 2009
Male GSD vs female GSD
by: Ann

AS far as the male vs female, I have only had females so I really don't know. I have been told that if you get them neutered they don't mark as much and are not as aggressive.

As for the long coat...I have a long coated female and she is beautiful. It is true that they don't shed as much as the regular coat. I don't really know what you mean by "sticky". Her fur is soft. I brush her about once a week and it, to me, is no harder than any other dog. I use a pin brush and a Mars Coat King.

The only thing is you have to cut the hair between their pads which could be a little hard depending on the dog. I love my long coated GSD and would recommend them to anyone!

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