Meet Olivia, Our German Shepherd!

by Josephine

She loves sitting on our stairs like this!

She loves sitting on our stairs like this!

This is our German Shepherd, Olivia. We got her in February of this year from the Humane Society in Bucyrus, OH; she was an owner surrender. She's about 1 1/2 years old, and is very energetic and playful!

We're not 100% sure if she's a purebred GSD, because we don't have papers, but she doesn't have any characteristics that are different from that of your typical GSD(i.e, ears, size, etc.). She is our 3rd GSD; the one before her passed away in November of last year.

She loves both Mom and I, and she loves our cat, although they can't play together yet, because a young, energetic, 65-lb German Shepherd is a little too much for a 6-year-old, 8-lb cat. If she sees kids when we walk her, she gets excited and wants to play with them.

She is nice and loves everyone. She is a wonderful part of our family!

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Josephine,

We are so happy to hear all about your new GSD Olivia and so proud of you for giving her a new home! I wish everyone would do exactly what you just did for her for some other dog or cat in the shelter.

Olivia looks to be a full blooded German Shepherd to me from the pics you've taken. She is adorable and I wish you the best with her. And since you've already had GSDs in the past you know petty much what to expect from her.

Love the pictures you've sent of your new German Shepherd. Olivia looks quite happy and the pose on the steps is quite memorable! Is that a peanut on her head in the other picture?

Keep us all up on her progress and maybe you can send us a "Puppy-gram" about her in the future! Have fun with her and good luck to you all! German Shepherds rule!

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Oct 08, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Congratulations on your new girl and what a Beauty!!! Looking at the pictures she looks 100% full blooded German Shepherd, her feet, face - muzzle, those big ears and even her tail, she has characteristics of a Shepherd.

Even though she is nice, a little young and loves everyone, she is a Protector and she will protect, it is in their blood, that's a German Shepherd! Good luck with Olivia, take care of you girl and she will take care of you!

You can read our story just look for German Shepherd puppy Mia story and Mia my beautiful German Shepherd Dog. Thanks.

Oct 07, 2012
by: Josephine

Hi, thanks for posting my story! Actually, that is a sticker on her head in the second photo; Mom and I like to place stickers from our fruits and veggies on her head, and she actually likes it! Thanks again. =)

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