Mia when she was six months old

by Audrey

When Mia was six months old we went to our dog park and it was winter. It had been flooded over in an area which had turned to ice, with a section of icy water as well.

A little tiny dog had fell into the water and Mia had walked through the water which was almost knee deep to me and she had put her long nose under the little dog's tummy and lifted it onto the solid ice, and it had then ran off back to its owner. The owners of the little dog were very thankful to Mia and the way that she rescued the little dog.

Today Mia is two years old and is a St. John's Therapy Dog , and I am very proud of her.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Audrey, Thanks so much for sharing the story of your wonderful German Shepherd puppy, Mia, with us. These dogs, and puppies too, can do some of the most incredible things - and it's often such a nice surprise to see it happen.

German Shepherds are naturally protective, incredibly smart and very instinctive concerning their surroundings so helping a fellow puppy get unstuck from a puddle is a no-brainer in many cases for these terribly smart dogs.

Tales of lifesaving stories like these abound, as well as all sorts of stories where the German Shepherd Dog or puppy protected their owners from potential harm. I love to read them and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

So thanks again for sharing your wonderful story with us. It may not have seemed to be a big deal to most, but to the owners of the dog your puppy helped, it was. German Shepherd Puppies rule!

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Sep 09, 2012
"MIA" at six months old
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Mia is a Hero! She saved that little dog from the water. The owners should ever be grateful for Mia and have a little place for her in their hearts, it could have been tragic for their little dog.

Also congratulations to Mia for being a St John's Therapy Dog. I know you are very Proud of her accomplishments.

November 10th and in Italian Mia means Mine and she is, so protective. I would like to share our story with you just look for Mia german shepherd puppy and Mia my beautiful german shepherd dog. Take care of you girl and she will always take care of you!

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