Mio Corazon-My GSD Rusty

by V_Tyagi
(New Delhi, India)



Hey guys!


Thanks so much for all your love towards my little ball of love; Rusty, at the moment, is not so small anymore. After six months of being together, we've learnt a lot about him

--like how he likes just that single flavored "Tripe chews" and dislikes the other; How he loves to have a ball, a shoe or practically anything that moves, makes a noise (or smells weird) in his mouth & then make us run after him for it; how every morning is just a little more chirpy when he wakes us up for his routine walk at 6 o' clock with a nudge & a whine;

how every evening we look forward to returning home after college/work to see him at the doorstep, waiting with flattened ears & wiggling tail to show us how happy he is to see us; Oh! and how he has a big black spot on the back of his tongue which can be seen every time he yawns.

Ah....I could go on and on.

He's six months & twenty days old now & weighs 31.500 kgs now.

It's become a regular routine for my relatives & neighbours to guess his age to be around 1 year or so...That's how big he looks! Although, in reality, he's still a big baby about taking his calcium supplements & a picky eater.

His little quirks only make him more adorable. I think all GSD owners will agree with me when I say that once these little guys become part of our lives, everything seems much more brighter & better. :)

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Nov 14, 2013
Mio Corazon-My GSD Rusty
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

He is differently a handsome male and he is so big already! German Shepherds are Amazing as you know and our Mia she just turn 4, I can't believe how fast time has gone.

Enjoy the puppy year it's Great. Take care of you boy and Rusty will take care of you.

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