My 10 years old german shepherd lasiness

by micha

i have a 10 years old german shepherd whose hearing and sight senses are still in good condition but the only problem is that he is facing difficulties in standing and walking after a laying down for a while.

also his movement is slower than before and finding difficulties in going up or down the stairs and i can notice that he is sleeping more during the day.

in addition he is having big pimples on his body.
please help me in figuring out his problems. thank you

micha, lebanon

Total German Shepherd: Your senior German Shepherd is not lazy - from the symptoms you've described he probably has arthritis. Remember, your 10 year old GSD is about in his mid to late 50's in human years at the least and probably just doesn't feel so good right now.

And he's probably in some pain too - just imagine how painful arthritis is - and then how painful it is without any kind of pain reliever to help ease the pain.

I do suggest you get him to a vet to make sure that this is what's wrong for sure and also to check out those "big pimples on his body" you talked about earlier - it's definitely time for his senior checkup.

And if so you can give him Glucosamine supplements (even the same kind as given to humans) and I imagine you'll see a big change in just a few days. I have 2 ten years old female GSDs and I give them glucosamine daily and they can play pretty good despite their arthritis problems.

Also, try and keep his weight down if he's at all chubby - that'll help too. Good luck with your old fella and please help him make those senior years as comfortable as possible.

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