My 5 Month old GSD is terrified of everything and I would like to get her out of this behavior

by Tabitha
(huntington wv)

My 5 Month old GSD is terrified of everything and I would like to get her out of this behavior, plus she was almost completly house trained - now she uses the bathroom in the house

How can I get her less scared of everything. And why has she started using the bathroom in my house. For example - we put her in the crate with her mother and she doesnt use it in there but if I leave her in it by herself she pees and poos in it.

And we let her out and she goes out side then 5 min, later she pees right in front of me then we try to take her out she runs from us.

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Dec 29, 2009
Rewards from Socialization
by: sam

Debbie,I have a 4.5 month old shepherd and we have been working on socialization from the day we have brought him home. He is very shy of people and other dogs, but each day he is improving.

Like the others who have commented, please seriously consider puppy classes and spend as much time as you can socializing him. Puppy socialization classes are a great opportunity to meet other people (adults, children) and dogs.

I took the extra step of hiring a dog trainer who specializes in GS. It has been worth every penny. She leaves us with homework to work on for the next class. It's rewarding to see our progress and share it with her. Don't give up - I know how stressful it can be - but the love you have for your shepherd will be returned back to you in more ways than you will ever know. Good luck!!

Dec 16, 2009
scared 5 Month old GSD
by: Debbie

You need to build your dogs confidence by socializing it to other things - people, animals, locations, travel - you name it. And it's not a quick fix but if you stick with it you can make your dog more confident. Read more about socialization here:

I would also suggest to get your dog in a puppy training class - it would be the best money you ever spent. But if you can't do that on location for some reason there are many dog training aids on doing it yourself.

Lastly, concerning the housebreaking, again a training issue but one of confidence possibly as well. Ask you vet to recommend a trainer to you to speak to in person in your area to get more training ideas - but you can also read more about house training procedures here:

Good luck!

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