My 6 month old female german shepard has started sleeping a lot during the day

by Chelsea
(El paso TX)

My 6 month old has recently started sleeping a lot during the day. she loves to go on walks and we take her everyday, but she makes no effort to play or do anything else for that matter.

i thought it could be related to maybe a growth spurt, like when the are young and sleep a lot!! Is this normal for her to be sleeping and be so lazy all the time??

We live in far west texas and it is very hot, could this be another factor contributing to her sleepiness all of a sudden??

Total German Shepherd:

It's fairly normal for dogs and puppies to sleep away a good part of the day. And if there's nothing going on that they are interested in checking out, or if they're not included in the activity they often will sleep probably half the day away if not more.

Plus, if your puppy has exercised a lot, or if it is really hot it's just as well to take a nap and save your energy for cooler time activities and that's what many animals will do if given the choice.

But, it you are worried in any way, take your German Shepherd puppy to the vet for a check up to make sure that there is no other reason, health-wise, causing her to sleep a lot. Good luck!

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