My 7 month old German Shepherd siblings are so strong and wont stop pulling

by nicky corden
(austrlia ( karratha))

hi, please do you have any tips on how to stop my two pups from pulling me when on their harnesses and collars.

they are so strong now i am having difficulties walking them. also why are they jumping all over each other at the beginning of their walk almost escalating to a full blown fight.. how can i to start a walk without this occuring.

i just had them de -sexed last week. i dont want to be too rough with the pups to get my message across.

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Feb 23, 2010
Maybe some help
by: Anonymous

I have a 7 month old GSD as well. He and my GSP had the same issue. I used working harnesses and focused more on basic obedience.

Once they grasped the basic obedience ( sit stay come ect.) together they would walk better together. Group "punishment" was also a good thing for me.

When told for both to sit for example, if they wouldn't neither would get a treat until they learned to work with each other. The same concept work with walking them.

Jan 21, 2010
be a tree/ return to me
by: wendy

I would avoid the pinch collar. To settle them, have them sit calmy before even leaving the house. If they get hyper when you grab the leashes, put them down & wait for them to sit calmy before putting them on.If they start to get rowdy, stop & tell them to sit (just once) & wait. Once they sit, praise & treat, then proceed.

The "be a tree/ come back to me" technique does work. You tell them in a happy voice "lets walk" & start off. As soon as they pull, you stop & *become a tree*. No moving until the leash slackens. Then praise & get them to return to you & praise & treat again. Repeat, ad nauseum, until they learn that pulling means no walking. Walking with you is a good thing.

As someone else said, you may only go 10 feet or 3 feet at first, but gsd's are smart...they will figure it out quickly. Once they get it you can give a verbal cue of "no pulling" or the ever popular *eheheh* sound!

Jan 18, 2010
Stop Pulling
by: Anonymous

Try using a pinch collar. They work.

You dogs have a lot of excess energy that they are dying to burn off. Before the walk take them in the yard and toss a ball or toy to them.

Also an easier way is to get them to stop pulling is to simply stop walking until they stop pulling. The first time out you may have to stop every ten feet. It takes patience. After three walks you will start to see an improvement.

Jan 08, 2010
German Shepherd siblings
by: Debbie

My suggestion would be to get them both into a puppy or dog training class as soon as possible to help teach them and you what to do.

If they're pulling you around now just imagine what it'll escalate to later on when they're older - and bigger.

Training is very important - don't overlook it.

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