My 8 weeks German Shepherd puppy developing elbow calluses

by Padman
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia )

I have a 8 weeks old puppy (Schutzhund) which was brought to my home 2 weeks back. Initially Rotch (male) was having some anxiety due to the new environment but he well adapted starting 2nd week.

His weight was around 4-5kg (not sure - breeder didn't weigh the puppy) but after a week (7th week) he gained some weight to reach 6kg when the vet weigh him for the first time. He is growing very fast, after 3 days I brought him to same vet for de-worming and he gained additional 1.2 kg - 7.2 KG

Following the puppy growth chart, he is still under the threshold of right weight for 2 months old puppy (idle weight 8 weeks - 9 kg). But just past few days, I have been noticing he started develop elbow calluses :(

I'm not sure whether I'm feeding him a lot ( raw meet & kibbles) or this is due the hard surface ? I believe you have good experience in monitoring puppy weight and observed the their growth, I need your advice how to get rid of the calluses in best possible way and what is best weight for puppies.

Kindly expecting some reply from you.

Thank you!

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Padman, Thanks for writing. About the best advice I can offer concerning the elbow calluses is to provider the puppy a thickly padded bed to lay down on as often as possible. This will help to hold the puppy up off the hard surface and provide your German shepherd puppies joint more support too.

Normally you don't see elbow calluses until the dog is much older and larger but if you can, give your GSD puppy a nice firm padded bed and that will help the puppy from developing even bigger elbow calluses. Plus, you might want to speak with your veterinarian about this on your next visit to see what your vet might suggest you try. Good luck!

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May 07, 2012
Elbow Callouses on 9-week old German Shepherd Puppy
by: Anonymous

My German Shepherd puppy was 8 weeks old when we got him, and after 10 days with us I notice elbow callouses starting to develop. He increased his weight to 6 kilos at 9 weeks. Please comment if that weight is ideal or not for his age.

Is the increase in weight what's causing the elbow callouses to develop or the pebble wash flooring he lies down on during the day? At night he sleeps on hard plastic matting. The veterinarian is unconcerned about callouses developing.

He says it's normal, and cannot be avoided if the dog sleeps or lies down on hard surfaces. He says callouses serve as a kind of protection for the joints and skin, actually. He told me to watch out for scabies, and to bring the puppy to him if similar lesions appear on the ears or elsewhere on the puppy's body.

He suggested putting Betadine, an iodine antiseptic, to prevent infection. I was thinking later, perhaps Neosporin, an anti-bacterial ointment might be better? If only because ointment is more moisturizing? Callouses are unsightly! Please help with advice and information, thanks!

Jul 23, 2011
Callus on dogs elbows
by: Anonymous

I tried several treatments that others had posted. One said to use bag balm but he licked it off. One suggested bandaging but he wripped it off. I found the greatest treatment and you purchase it at a pharmacy or department store. It's really simple. Just purchase spray bandage. It dries within 30 seconds. I have used it for about 2 weeks and already our pet has hair starting to grow back where he had open wounds. Try it - You'll be glad you did.

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