My Beloved German Shepherd, Segen

by Barbara J F Charest
(Fall River, Ma. USA)

Segen (in the front) and Baby Bear

Segen (in the front) and Baby Bear

Subject: segen

This dog was close to being the Anti-Christ. She was the ultra Alpha Extraordinaire.

She took off every chance she found, One day I was putting out the barrels at night and she got by me. This was about 9:30 in the evening.

She was well known to our dog officer and police department, as she "excaped" zillion of times. I immediately called the police department, and the dispatcher said " Oh Barbara, she always comes back stop worrying. "

She never came back, had to get her, pay rewards, etc. I immediately went to find her, occasionally coming back home to see if the dog officer or police called, Each time I rechecked with the police.

(my husband was a Massachusetts State Trooper, we were well known) I was crying more and more. The dispatcher would know as soon as she answered the phone and say "Oh Stop Crying, your devil dog will be back"

She was gone all evening, I drove around, cried, and did not find her. Approximately 10 am I received a call from the dog officer saying they had found her.

She was 8 miles from home. She was in our city central Fire Station. She had spent the night there with the firemen, laying on the couch (naturally) watching television and eating pizza with the fireman.

I could have killer her. I spent the whole night in hell. When went to get her, she was on a fire engine, I called her and she just looked at me. I bet they might have thought she was not my dog.

One of the firemen said, "Wow, what a great dog she is." And she was a little, So I said, "Well, if you ever see her here again, do me a favor, OK, KEEP HER."

I told them of all the things she had done in the past, they found it funny. I did not. I miss that little monster... So much, but I know she and all my other dogs are waiting for me.

I am including a picture of her and her husband, Baby Bear. yes we had a wedding Ceremony. She is the one in the front. I have another story of her taking off with her husband. Will write that later.

Thanks for letting me recall that memory.

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Apr 10, 2010
by: Leroy

A great story. Can only imagine how worried sick u were. I live in Bangkok Thailand and have a 1- year- old GSD named Matryx and what worries me constantly is this fella breaking out of my compound especially when my wife and I have gone to work. Hope this doesn't ever happen though. All the best with your girl! -- Leroy

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