My Big Beautiful German Shepherd, Bandit, RIP

by Aaron K

Bandit's big brown eyes!

Bandit's big brown eyes!

Here is my boy Bandit. He was such a wonderful dog, playful,protective, kind, fun, nice. He could do no wrong. He was a gentle giant his look was very imposing (130lbs big boy!)but such a sweetheart.

He saved me and my family from a fire in 2002. At 2 a.m. he came into the bedroom and woke me up by licking my face and arm I thought he just needed to go outside, but I thought that was weird because he never woke me up in the middle of the night.

On our way down stairs he stopped at the garage door and whimpered and would not come to me. So I opened the door and found the whole third stall of the garage on fire!

Thank god for him. Sadly he got sick in 2006 and died suddenly. I will always miss him. I love GSDs so much now I recently got another Named Teddy. If Teddy is half of what Bandit was I will be one lucky Man.

Total German Shepherd :

Hi Aaron, Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful story of your handsome boy Bandit with us. What a handsome boy he was!

I am so sorry for your loss, but so thankful that you had him and that he saved you and your family back in 2002. It is amazing the instincts these dogs have - given the fact that they have a tight connection with their families, they are incredibly intelligent and want nothing more than to please us, there is basically no limit to what these wonderful creatures can do for us!

I am sure with time your boy Teddy will make his own place in your heart and in your family as well. He is truly handsome fella and if he grows into those ears it looks like he's going to be a big monster too! ;)

I wish you much luck with your new German Shepherd, Teddy. Feel free to come back any time and share more with us about him too.

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Aug 29, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Bandit was a Handsome male and very special; no one could walk in his pads! Sorry to hear he is gone but he will always be in your hearts. Your heart must ache and big enough to get another.

Teddy is a Beautiful shepherd with those big ears! Teddy as with most German Shepherds have the very similar characteristics like playfulness and very Protective. Take care of you boy and he will always be by your side!

Aug 28, 2012
by: Aaron K

Thank you for your kind response. I enjoy reading all the other stories. you have a great website.

Aug 28, 2012
by: sckeppy

I am sorry for your loss-- what a great dog Bandit was!

You new dog is not Bandit-- but he also will be a treasure, I am sure. I wish you both the best.

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