My Black German Shepherd Puppy, Jet

by Androula Constantinidou

The first day i brought my GSD puppy, he was only 3 weeks of age, he was scared of everything and every noise, but because on the way home i held him in my arms near my heart, he felt comfortable every time i come near him after that..

the first night at home, i made a special comfy bed for him in the corner of my room, but he would wake up and cry like a little baby, and when i went to him and hushed him with a lullaby he'd go back to sleep but the moment i move away he'd wake up again.. it was a sleepless night, at the end near dawn i dragged his bed next to mine and i slept with my arm hanging and my hand under his chin and this is how we slept the rest of that night..

i'm a mommy of 3 little boys and Jet is my 4th and youngest :) and reason I named him Jet is because he's a fully jet black colored..

it's been 3 weeks now and he's feeling home by all means...

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